Monday, April 26, 2010

~jibet~now i hate you thank you...

can i describe you right now?
again selfish

serious cakap..i dont even need u as my friend..cibai you.......
aku dah xpdulik..gasak ng la..buat muka cm cibai....

aku diam ja slama ni..kira dah abih jatuh dah ego..ngan org len ko kalut nak berbaik..ngan kwan2 ko yg jaga ko dulu??cibai o..lantak la...malas..jnis x kng budi..mak bapak x ajar kot...

aku diam ni..bukan makna aku malas dah..dah jadi malas..fed up......sangat2..blah la

Thursday, April 1, 2010

p/s i love you...

gazed at the phone screen,
there was one missed call,
it was him..
a guy that she didnt expect to fall.

it was holiday,
and she had her own way,
while he was playing,
she kept on praying...

days after days,
time passed by,
magic words that been said,
had turned to lie and cry...

they broke up,
and she's giving up..
the unspoken words then come and bloom,
stars shine the night and no more gloom..

they met up at the place called bay,
she stares at her and he begin to say,
dear,i love you stay with me,
as she nodded down with the blemish cheek.

i love you too,then she breaks the silent,
as night begin to crawl,
she feels the warmth in his cuddle
and they did solve the love puzzle...

p/s i love you....